Iggy Pop Becomes the New Face of Unagi Scooters

We’re proud to announce the new face of Unagi—the Godfather of Punk himself—Iggy Pop. The artist embodies freedom and individuality, two values at the core of Unagi, and we’re psyched to have the chance to collaborate with him on a series of films featuring the artist and his approach to life.

“Unagi, experience euphoria without the psychedelics,” Iggy Pop says of the electric scooter. And the 75-year-old (going on thirty) rock icon certainly has had his fair share of psych—ahem—euphoria. Many credit him with inventing the stage dive, and he is known to contort his body into a myriad of shapes while performing in front of a packed audience.

“We built the ideal personal liberation device with our Model One e-scooter,” David Hyman, founder and CEO of the company, said. “Iggy represents the spirit of Unagi and we’re happy to debut this campaign as part of an ongoing collaboration.”

iggy couchiggy

Iggy Pop is usually ahead of the curve, and Unagi is his new ride of choice. If you’d like to try one for yourself, our All-Access subscription program gets you an Unagi delivered to your door for as little as $49/month. So go ahead and, as Pop says, “Grab life by the magnesium alloy handlebars.”

iggy pop gorilla postersiggy

For more, check out our social media @unagiscooters to see what other celebrities are riding Unagi. Hint: We’re fallin’ into her ocean eyes…

Sydney Abrams

Sydney Abrams

Sydney here! I am the Social Media and Community Manager at Unagi Scooters. Hope you enjoy our editorial.

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