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Electric Scooters and IP Ratings- What You Need to Know
When seeking to buy a new scooter or upgrade from the one you've got, you ought to be informed of the water-resistance (IP) ratings of electric scooters. Here's a complete guide to electric scooters' IP ratings, as well as the best waterproof scooters in different price ranges.
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The Best Electric Scooters For Heavy Adults
When it comes to finding a scooter that suits heavier adults, there are some things you need to consider - such as suspension, tires, and deck size. It's important to remember that you'll need to find a great electric scooter with stronger features as a heavier adult.
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Best Electric Scooter Helmets
Even if you’re an experienced electric scooter rider and you’ve never crashed, it only takes one bad accident to change everything. Our selection of beautifully designed helmets will help you choose the right one for your scootering needs.
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Electric Scooter Laws in U.S. 2022
While e-scooters are taking over the USA, it's essential to know that there are strict laws regarding using them. Each state's law is different, so it's vital to know the law if you're moving or want to use your scooter in another state.
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Why You Need a Lightweight Electric Scooter
Designing a sleek, stylish personal electric scooter with just the right balance of range, speed, and weight involves some delicate engineering. Unagi “strikes a unique balance” between all three, writes The Next Web...But what are the trade-offs? And why might weight be such an important factor in choosing a scooter?
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