Unagi Springs Forward

We’re launching our All-Access subscription service in six new cities, and expanding in two more. And with $10.5 million in new funding, we’re ready for takeoff in 2021.

Last summer, we introduced “Unagi All-Access”, an amazing new service that gives people a way to have their own state-of-the-art electric scooter without the commitment (or expense) of actually *buying* it. For a flat monthly fee, anyone can ride the world’s best portable scooter – our top-of-the-line Model One.

It’s a perfect service for our changed world. With an All-Access subscription, consumers can navigate cities on their own terms, getting where they want to go faster, cheaper, and having a lot more fun – without the risks of shared transportation. We’re delivering urban freedom at a ridiculously attractive price.

Initially, we tested Unagi All-Access in just two cities: New York and Los Angeles. And thanks to the incredible consumer uptake, we’re thrilled to now bring this service to a much broader audience across the United States.

Taking e-scooter subscriptions mainstream

This morning, we are introducing All-Access in six new major metropolitan areas, including Austin, Miami, Nashville, Phoenix, the San Francisco Bay Area and Seattle. We are also dramatically expanding its availability across the Los Angeles and New York metropolitan areas. (You can see maps showing our service area for each city here.)

In New York, the All-Access service will now be available across all five boroughs, all of Long Island, in much of Westchester county, and across much of Northern New Jersey (including in Bergen, Hudson, Essex, Middlesex, Morris, Passaic, Somerset and Union counties).

Unagi All-Access will now be available across the greater Los Angeles region, including communities on the Westside, in Southeast L.A, the San Fernando Valley and in Orange County.

Together, these areas represent a market of more than 30 million consumers – putting Unagi’s All-Access service within reach of 1 in every 10 Americans. As cities re-open this spring, All-Access will give city-dwellers a nimble and stylish new way to explore their city in a smarter, more sustainable way.

How it works

All-Access customers pay a flat $49 monthly fee that includes maintenance and insurance for scooter theft or damage. Once you subscribe, we’ll deliver our award-winning Model One scooter to your door via FedEx within 72 hours.

The Model One is a high-performance scooter with a minimalist aesthetic, designed from the ground up to deliver an unbeatable combination of portability, power and agility, backed by the industry’s best full-service customer support. It’s a premium-quality electric scooter that people can be proud to ride and happy to bring into their homes.

You can ride it to your heart’s content as long as you’re subscribed. You’ll never need to wonder if your Unagi is clean, fully charged, or if the last rider was in good health. It will be there when you need it – always. And it’s adaptable if your transportation needs change; your Unagi will fit easily on the subway or in the back of an Uber.

Your Unagi subscription guarantees maximum scoot-time. If you run into any maintenance trouble, we’ll resolve it by sending you a replacement that arrives in less than 72 hours. You can ride confidently knowing your subscription also includes full insurance against theft or damage.

We offer two Unagi All-Access plans: a pay-as-you-go monthly plan for $49 per month, and a discounted annual plan that works out to just $39 a month.

Unagi All-Access is an attractive transit alternative for the budget-conscious: shared scooters can cost $5 to $10 per day, and ridesharing can cost even more; over the course of a month, that quickly adds up. All-Access subscribers are getting the market’s best portable e-scooter at a fraction of what it would cost to buy it. A 30-day Unagi subscription works out to just $1.63 *per day*. That’s an exceptional value, particularly in a time when many Americans are struggling financially.

If at any time you decide that Unagi isn’t for you, no worries – send it back and we’ll still be friends.

A time for growth

The past year has been a remarkable one for the world and for Unagi. There has been an immense shift in urban transit: consumers have embraced e-scooters and e-bikes in unprecedented numbers, looking for safer and more affordable ways to quickly zip from point A to point B. In response, cities around the world are building for a future that’s more about people and less about cars.

Demand for our scooters has skyrocketed over the past year. We now sell thousands of Unagis a month, and with the continued expansion of our All-Access service, we anticipate that growth will only accelerate.

This is no small undertaking. We are building out an infrastructure that can support delivering a scooter anywhere in the U.S. in a matter of days, and support this service on a national and global level.

So we’re proud to announce that Unagi has raised an $10.5 million Series A funding round, led by The Ecosystem Integrity Fund with participation from Menlo Ventures, Broadway Angels, and Gaingels, among others.

With the support of these amazing investors, we’re significantly expanding our team and manufacturing capacity to meet the demand for our scooters and start the process of making Unagi the ubiquitous standard for short-distance transportation.